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Your Saunadampfer 


What goes well with Hot Tubs? Saunas!


Our Sauna is 7 Meters long 2.5 wide, and can accomodate up to four people.

We are anchored off the island of youth with a view down the river to the city sky line.


The boat consists of the Sauna section at the back, an enclosed winter garden in the middle and a small deck at the front. There is a ladder and cold water shower on the deck for swimming and washing off. Inside the winter garden there is oils for infusions (Aufguss) and plenty of space for drinks! There is seating that can be turned into a sunbed to relax on between sessions.

We offer a standard session of 2 hours and, other bookings permitting, offer extensions to 3 or 4 hours. We ask that all bookings arrive 30 minutes before the booking time so that we can give an introduction to the boats and the water way.

The Sauna is heated by a wood oven that can heat the space to 115 degrees. You will have to add wood to the oven every 30 minutes to keep the temperature.  Our sauna boat, as opposed to our Badedampfer is anchored for the entire appointment. We park your boat in the perfect location before you even set foot on the boat.

When you arrive at our Station at the Klipper Restaurant on the Spree, we need only choose some drinks to take, then you will be ferried out to the Sauna, which will be ready and waiting, pre-heated. There you will be given an introduction and we can adjust the temperature for your preference. And thats it! you are alone with the water. When your appointment has ended one of our staff will be back to ferry you home to the station.


Please read our AGB's in advance.

We apply 

Our drinks

Bier 2,50 €

alkfrei Bier 2,50 €

Radler 2,50 €

Weißbier 3,5 €

alkfrei Weißbier 3,5 €

Champagner Pommery

69 €

Champagner Veuve Pelletier 39 €

Flasche Sekt 15 €

Flasche Weißwein 15 €

Mate 2,50 €

Bionade 2,50 € 

Wasser 2,50 €

Cola 2,50 €

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