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The Badedampfer

Germany's first floating tub

Our story began in the winter of 2016, where the creator of Badedampfer, Jannis, was avoiding the winters by working on cruise ships.


While he’s away from the cold, he thinks about ways to bring the warm back to cold cold Berlin Winter…..


A hot tub cruising the waterways was the answer.


Badedampfer was born.

After 2 years of planning, research and hard work, a builder was found a location agreed upon, and we were in business!

The first boat was launched in September 2019.

The shape and formula has stayed the same for all our boats and we are extremely proud of the work that put our boats in the water.

Not to mention their classic style!

The Badedampfer is 5 meters long. 2.5 wide and seats up to 6 people. The entire design is based around never needing to leave the tub to drive, add wood to the oven or even to pour yourself a drink.

The tub is pushed through the water by a smooth and silent 3kw electric engine. This means you can enjoy the quiet of your surrounds or your own music as you journey.

You do not need any type of license to drive our boats, but you must be over 18.


Before you arrive your boat will be filled, the fire lit and the water heated to 39 °C. In all of our boats there is a wood fired oven that is set into the hot tub itself which continues to heat the water throughout the journey.

To drive our boats is a walk in the park. We have a simple rudder on the back of the boat, and our e-motor has 2 gears - forwards and backwards. you handle both the gas and the rudder from within the tub. But don't worry, with a top speed of 4km/h you will have plenty of time to enjoy the ride.

The Badedampfer is a truly unique Berlin experience and can be enjoyed all year round.

For every booking Badedampfer donates 5 Euros to Sea Watch for Civil sea rescue of people in flight. 

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