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Your Badedampfer tour


This Badedampfer thing sounds cool, but how does it work?

The first thing to do is arrive 30 minutes before your journey starts. We are located at the Klipper Restaurant by the Island of Youth on the Spree, enter the restaurants deck and then our station located at the back. You should see your Badedampfer heated up and ready to go.

Our staff will be there to show you around and introduce you to everything you will need to know. It will take these 30 extra minutes to get changed and give you an introduction to the boat, and the waterway where you will be travelling.
It is all very simple but important imformation that everyone on the boat should know.
Your Badedampfer will be filled, hot and ready to go, so after the introduction you only have to choose your drinks and then you are on your way!

Our boats have roofs for the sun or rain and a wood oven that burns to keep the water warm throughout the journey.

You will be in a sheltered and amazingly relaxed place to see Berlin no matter the weather.

If you want to bring more people than you originally booked for thats fine, just remember that the maximum is 6 and then send us an email. We will settle the additional cost on site. 


Please read our AGB's in advance.

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Our Drinks

Bier 2,50 €

alkfrei Bier 2,50 €

Radler 2,50 €

Weißbier 3,5 €

alkfrei Weißbier 3,5 €

Champagner Pommery

69 €

Champagner Veuve Pelletier 39 €

Flasche Sekt 15 €

Flasche Weißwein 15 €

Mate 2,50 €

Bionade 2,50 € 

Wasser 2,50 €

Cola 2,50 €

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