Your Badedampfer tour


You did everything right and rented the Badedampfer for a few relaxing hours on the Berlin Spree.


How does everything work? 


30 minutes before your start time you arrive at our rental location at the restaurant ship "Klipper", change your clothes on our houseboat, get a short briefing and then relax in the freshly filled and heated pool. 

If you scroll down, you can choose your badedampfer package. In addition to long drinks, we also have beer, wine, sparkling wine and a selection of soft drinks for sale. With the exception of water, you are not allowed to bring your own drinks. 


For the spontaneous among you, we have bathrobes and towels for hire on site, as well as inexpensive swimming trunks, swimsuits and bikinis for sale.  


Please read our AGB's in advance.

Bei uns gilt